The Rapallo Concert Invitation.

The Rapallo Concert Invitation. The vietnamese girl at the restaurant in Portofino did not wanted to be kissed at all. But before she left she said: „You are not looking like a tourist“. I said: “ No. I am looking for a ferry to get to Sardinia and find someone which i miss a lot“. She said: “ The day after tomorrow there’s a concert in Rapallo. Not far from here“. And she gave me an Invitation-Ticket and said: “ I’m gonna play the viola there“. – Then – I really went to Rapallo 2 days later. In front of the Concert-Hall the vietnamese was sitting on the stairs. I sat down beneath her. She said: „I’m not playing any viola or something else“. I said: “ I knew. Where did you get the invitation ticket from ?“ – She said: “ A rich Portofino-Asshole gave it to me“. I said: „What a good idea !“The Rapallo Concert Invitation.