Finally reached on my way to Sardinia .. Portofino

Finally reached on my way to Sardinia the coast of Italy at a small village called „Portofino“. Of course i did not find my lost chinese girlfriend there – like the silly song said. But in a plain little restaurant -where they played this kind of sentimental music- i successfully was able to buy a lonely sitting vietnamese girl for to dance with me. She did not smiled at all, but this was definitely OK with me. Besides she reminded me of the Swiss-Lifeguard-Helicopter-Pilot’s wife in the Tessin and still while dancing i decided to send her a nice postcard with my thankful regards for her hospitality and serving me this delicious and unforgettable „Costin da purcel al rosmarin“. At the end of the dance i asked the vietnamese girl what she was thinking or whom she was imagening meanwhile. Elle m’a dit: „Quelle question du gris !!“ – and i wanted to kiss her for that.