The new “Gilette Muette”-Club.

Someone sent us a forbidden photo of the secretly hidden construction
site, where the new “Gilette Muette”-Club is about to be build – of
course with the help of the 5 most beautiful architects and artists in
The 3 black objects you can see in the dusty front area are
obviously the special inventioned Gilette-Muette-Transmitters, which
will be the Heart of the Center –
from where all the latest News about her will be spread out astrally. –

And there are even rumours – dear friends ! – , that she is gonna go
into a studio to record her first ever song !! — We hope that we can
lay a hand on this too .. long before the greedy press knows ) —
as always ..more about Gilette here:
and Please visit her own site !!! – here: