The Gilette-Summer-Workshop-Weekend

The Gilette-Summer-Workshop-Weekend is annnounced!! As a BIG surprise comes that it is not in France! – It is going to happen on the famous little italian island CAPRI in the Tyrrhenian Sea! – There are fast rumours that her new, very rich korean friend rented a place there – and not just any! – No! – One of the most beautiful villas in the whole world – The Villa San Michele ! – build by the swedish physician AXEL MUNTHE from the year 1887 onwards ..!
Even though this villa and the surrounding area are among the most popular destinations for tourists on Capri, this man apparently managed to rent the complete house for the Gilette Muette Summer Workshop!! – Most likely with a incredible huge sum and additional bribes on the side!
Last heard was, that he helped her escaping the korean peninsula after an unpleasant incident: See here:…/.
After that he was sighted arm in arm with her in Paris and said in interviews, that he will finance the next Gilette Muette movie: „Number 4“, when the right director is found.
We do hope so!! And all the many Gilette Fans in the whole wide world will!!