Homeland Kreuzberg

These employees of so-called “Art-Institutions” in Homeland Kreuzberg don’t have anymore true blood in their veins.
They celebrate a “40-Year-Jubilee” and start with the sentence: “Our pronounced singer of the ‘Bachianas Brasileiras’ from Villa-Lobos has just lost her voice this evening ..- but we got an replacement” ..
And then the most conventional and bourgois singing with the first in the row guy in black clothes is starting over ..
.. but not this alone .. the whole presentation was poor poor poor .. no present in it indeed ..
Shame on you ! … Rio Reiser would have said something like this .. i’m shure ..
We suspect you were visited each night by some kind of Dracula, who drank your vivid blood away to rob banks and jewelery-shops in the next future ..
More luck to him allthewhile !!
.. if there weren’t these two nice asian girls around, (see pictures!) i would have considered my time there completely WASTED !!!