Another Shreds and Rags from another Gilette Movie:

Another Shreds and Rags from another Gilette Movie:
He: “I refuse to say the B-Word to you.”
She: “Which B-Word ?”
He: “It continues with an E, .. then an A .. then an U ..and so on and on .. how boring .. what a waste of words !!..”
She: “Well .. then simply don’t .. ”
He: “Indeed ! But you know what ? .. I got something much better ..”

She: “Don’t exaggerate please .. don’t overact !! .. in fact i must
leave right now .. – you see the man coming down the street .. with a
guitar-bag on his back and  wearing a white-tooth-showing grin on his face?”
He: “How can i overlook him ?”
She: ” You’re not too slow on the uptake…  so let’s say Good-bye.”
He: “You are putting a knife of astral light right into my heart”.
She: (while turning around and walking away) “This is a line from a Mel-Gibson-Film, isn’t it ..”
He: “Yes .. exactly .. do you remember the following answer from her too? ”
She was already too far away to hear this but the actor was able to express with his face, that he was lying anyway.
Extended Version:

“But wait!”, he yells to himself 20 seconds later. “What if she was lying too?”
He turned around to see what happened to her and the guy with the sunny smile. – Of course they were gone.
Then a bus passed on the street. He had the brief impression to see Gilette sitting inside, speaking with someone on the window-side. And it
wasn’t the smiling musician from before.
If true, this might bring the scene in connection with = see here:

The mixed feelings of the actor in the street were difficult to express and the film director asked 25 repetitions at the actual shooting before he was somehow pleased with it and let him go.